Preach Compelling Sermon Series Without a Big Budget or Staff

If you’re struggling to keep up with the juggling act of ministry every week, then Ministry Pass is for you!

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Escape the pressure of developing compelling sermon series by yourself once and for all by getting access to thousands of Ministry Pass sermon and media resources today!

One of the things I appreciate is, Ministry Pass is really a clearing house where you can take an illustration or a graphic or an entire series, put your fingerprint on it and leverage it in your church.

Mark Batterson Lead Pastor, National Community Church

YES! YES! YES! Ministry Pass provides everything you need to your next sermon series! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Tyler Smith Text-In-Church

We have been using Ministry Pass for a few years now and we love it!
The calendars are super helpful, our whole pastoral/ministry staff loves this resources!!

Brian Beauford Executive Pastor, Grace Church
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When you sign up today for your 7-day trial you get…

Access to Over 500 Complete Sermon Series

End the juggling act of ministry and give yourself the freedom to focus
on the most important in your ministry and life.

Topical Sermon Series

You’ll Discover…
• Timely series that speak to the most pressing needs of your congregation.

• Sound Biblical theology for a world that continues to change.

• Content that addresses your congregations felt needs.

Bible Book Series

You will Receive…
• Sermon series that explore the depths of scripture through each book of the Bible.

• The ability to walk your congregation through each book for intentional discipleship.

• An opportunity to dive deep into scripture every week using our Bible book series.

Ministry Pass equips you to be more efficient ever…

Write Faithful Messages Faster

Explore Powerful Sermon Illustrations

Explore Powerful Sermon Illustrations

Explore hundreds of new and fresh sermon illustrations curated by our team to save you a tremendous amount of time during your sermon preparation each week.

Avoid wasting time looking for the perfect illustration when you use Ministry Pass.

Explore Powerful Sermon Illustrations

Sermon Ideas and Talking Points

The beauty of Ministry Pass is, we don’t give you a transcript to memorize. Instead, we are giving you big ideas and bullet points that you can work from and fit to your own unique voice as the shepherd of your church.

Our research team assembles a ton of content for you to choose from on each series. The framework is there but you still have room to make it your own.

Sermon Ideas and Talking Points

Your 7-day trial unlocks a library of sermon series content…

Get Everything You Need to Prepare, Preach, And Promote a Compelling Sermon Series

Series Guides Series Guides

Save time during sermon preparation by using research resources, creative ideas, and powerful illustrations from our series guides.

Talking Points Talking Points

Get expanded talking point ideas so you can preach with absolute effectiveness. Make the sermon your own using your unique perspective or our talking point ideas, or both!

Sermon Illustrations Sermon Illustrations

Get access to our fresh sermon illustrations library so you can illuminate the Gospel in a new light. Help your congregation comprehend and apply what you are preaching using illustrations.

Big Idea of Message Big Idea of Message

Preach with precision using our big idea or crafting your own. Whenever your congregation leaves, this will be the one thing they remember and apply.

Passages to Use Passages to Use

Get a list of curated scriptures to help make your sermon preparation quicker. Every message comes with multiple passages for your review.

Small Group Questions Small Group Questions

Continue the sermon in conversations with small group questions. Equip your group leaders with easy to use content that further enhances what you preached during the message.

Graphics Bundle Graphics Bundle

Visually reinforce your messages using our beautiful sermon graphics and media. Each series includes service slides for points and scriptures as well as social media images to promote you series online and in your community.

Bumper Video Bumper Video

Keep your services running tight with series branded video to play right before your sermon. Each series includes a 20-30 bumper video for your series which can be used at the start of your sermon or as a means of promotion online as well.

Photoshop Layers Photoshop Layers

Get complete control of your church graphics using our layered Photoshop files. Love the artwork but want to change the title? Now, you have the original editable file to be able to do so.

Relief You Get with Ministry Pass

End the juggling act of ministry and give yourself the freedom to focus
on the most important in your ministry and life.

Sermon Series

Get Unlimited Access to a Library of Compelling Sermon Series.

Youth Resources

Grow Your Student Ministry Using Hundreds of Games, Sermon Series and Media Resources.

Sermon Talking Points & Ideas

Gather Complete Ideas to Leverage in your Sermon or Put Your Own Spin Using The Starting Points We Provide.

Kids Resources

Inspire the Kids in Your Ministry to Love Jesus by Using Our Creative Lesson Series.

Start a 7-day trial for $7

Grow Your Youth and Kids Ministry

Sign up for a 7-day trial and equip all the major ministries of your church…

Grow Your Youth and Kids Ministry

Grow Your Youth and Kids Ministry

Sign up for a 7-day trial and equip all the major ministries of your church…